dedicated software development

Dedicated Development Team from Zelenium

The dedicated development team works as an extension office located in another location which is capable of giving an organization an opportunity to focus their time and ability on other important matters for the success of their company without any concerns and worries about developing, testing, deploying and maintaining the software. It has the ability to provide a company with complete control over their projects while reducing operating costs. Additionally, it provides quick and easy access to large groups of multi-disciplinary IT professionals in low coste.

Talented IT professionals:

You will have immediate access to highly trained and experienced IT professionals to meet your goal.


We are capable of providing service and end-to-end solutions through our extensive knowledge and expert technical requirements in handling full-cycle software development regardless of the size of the company..

Reliable Service Provider:

We have infrastructures and resources to provide a dedicated working environment, office space and project infrastructure for each dedicated team that works with us..

dedicated software development

Periodic Reporting and Feedback

Zelenium believes in a transparent relationship with clients. So you can evaluate the progress of your work and provide your valuable suggestions during the project.

Cost Effective

Zelenium keeps the prices as competitive as they can be. Effective Resource Management are deployed to attain higher efficiency.

Saves your Time

Software Development takes less time when you have a highly experienced team like Zelenium who are working on your applications around the clock, so you can launch your market quickly than your competitors can.

dedicated software development

Broad range of industry verticals

Zelenium offers Dedicated Development team for a broad range of industry verticals oblige to all types of start –ups and mid- large scale business. If you are looking for Dedicated Development resources, Zelenium teams are the best one you can opt as manpower solution for your upcoming project..

dedicated software development

Well-established knowledge retention

There is a proper process and ability to accumulate, develop and maintain knowledge to pass on the related experiences while the project is being developed to the customer and its team exclusively upon project delivery..

Full service team of developers

The dedicated development team is one of the best IT outsourcing right now. It is effective for large projects with an unclear scope. With this service, it is possible to hire a full service team of developers to handle and work on development tasks or find some specialists to comply with the lack of an in-house IT department or also called the client's team extension. Either way, the new employee will give 100% of their ability and time to a project..

Reasons to employ a Dedicated Software Development Team

dedicated software development

To increase productivity

The dedicated development team that works for your project only and has acquired great knowledge of the subject, can increase productivity by up to 20% as long as the agreed full workload will be provided and trusted to a certified manager. Some studies suggest that alignment from matrix management approach can enable the software development company to finish the project faster than usual.

To ensure the quality of the product

From a study, developers who have been working together with a previous project even for a short period of time has the capability to provide better software once a manager puts them on a development team again. In reality, they reduce the coding errors by 19%..

To lessen operation expenses

Savings is guaranteed when it comes to hiring a dedicated development team because 30% of them stick only on the agreed budget and have the ability to deliver high-quality product at the right time and also don’t forget the fact that the providers pay for office space and recruiting expenses. .

dedicated software development

To save time on management

The dedicated development team is an offsite team that is largely self-managed. The experienced manager only is the one communicating with the customer and delivers the message to another dedicated development team member. As a result, the employee learns how to communicate with a particular project only and to observe the guidelines..


By using learning algorithms, software developers have the ability to create and develop high levels of personalization. They are able to develop applications that have the capability to recognize the user and the interaction can provide a powerful recommendation system..

Creating conversational interfaces

The use of conversational interface have the ability to implement speech recognition in a software that allows the user to have smooth-running and unique interaction with the application.

How can we help you?

Zelenium InfoTech offers a dedicated development team service with a safe, efficient and fully scalable solution to help clients launch new and high quality products, expand ROI of existing software projects and gain competitive edge technology. Our strength comes from the combined flexibility of the perfect organization of groups and processes. By helping and working with different types of clients experiencing similar challenges, we have accumulated and gained extensive knowledge and mastered the effective management of the software development process. From our own experience, we've developed a very talented team with the ability to deliver and provide working software at the right time.

dedicated software development

How we work?

dedicated software development
  • No more worries in building your development team because we assure you that we will be the full in-charge in building your team based on your needs using our internal development resources and recruitment capabilities. We work hard to keep our in-house best people in place to have the developer resources available as soon as the project starts
  • We will integrate the team on your site. There will be a manager who will be responsible for team integration in your site. He will work closely in the first months of the project until the efficient and effective process needed in the geographically distributed team is fully established. He will also be responsible for all business process integration, technology alignment, team-building activities and setting up and managing effective communication.
  • We will look after all the administration matters related to your team and development centres. We can provide technical infrastructure, encourage continuous knowledge and stimulate the professional development of your team.
  • Maintain your overall product development control. Managing a team is in your hands and as you do with your in-house team as we provide you with necessary tools and ongoing support and assistance.

Our History

Since 2000, we have built dedicated development teams for an approximate of 4800 leading software companies located in Gulf Countries, Europe and USA. Helping businesses to innovate and implement digital transformations globally. We are offering IT management staffing to customers to help them expand the software development team through highly experienced software developers in a quick and efficient way. Over the years, we provided talented, smart and capable dedicated team which makes us prominent in the service.

dedicated software development