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Zelenium InfoTech Dedicated Team:
Providing an Efficient Ways to Engineer Your Product

Outstanding specialist is a must in developing software from scratch, or expanding your existing business capacity. Zelenium InfoTech can help. As an engineering expert, we are proud in our team’s transparent responsibility. To provide a quick response time to any process modifications, development and make the work between us in a convenient way...

custom software development

Goes beyond your walls

As part of company’s operations these days, offshoring dedicated software development has become a common strategy. However, a company must have a full knowledge and thorough understanding of what such contracts needs in order to get a great result. A dedicated team model is an example of such a contract. An outsourced external service provider is a long term agreement between a customer and a service provider..

custom software development

team of experts
with specific skills

Dedicated software development team services are typically provided to development center by the outsourcing provider. The development center has a team of experts with specific skills that meets the client’s project demands on the base of his infrastructure. The client can then manage the group by assigning a project manager from the outsourcing services provider or his personnel to manage the group on their behalf or simply manage it by themselves.

custom software development

Dedicated offshore developers

The main objective of the dedicated team model is to ensure that the full-time software development team meets the client’s business requirements. Initially, only the dedicated offshore developers are usually working externally but still part of the company. But as time goes on, team members are intermingled with everything from corporate culture, management, and until it becomes a member of the company’s personnel staff. The share the same goal of not only improving the work of the company, but also producing high-quality products or services..

custom software development

Zelenium InfoTech place
in this model

In general, Zelenium InfoTech generates programs that are synchronized with hardware or software or with a cloud platform provider. Companies providing platforms such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Apple, and AWS are working to support Zelenium InfoTech by creating a program that allows them to develop their own application that run in their own programs. Why offshore Zelenium Infotech if these companies can create their own applications? In fact, Zelenium Infotech works together with Microsoft to develop, market, and sell their software for Windows Office, Xbox and Azure..

custom software development

Who should use a dedicated team model

A dedicated team model is mainly used by companies or enterprises who have calculated and evaluated that owning a project development has more downsides and complexity than offshoring. Thus, hiring a dedicated software development team, they are indirectly cutting off avoidable expenses. Also, there are customers who are more likely to outsource a service that will continue to grow to a high-quality final product. For example, companies with names like Oracle or Microsoft have found it more affordable to encourage ISVs to develop software for their platforms..

custom software development

Example of the dedicated
software development team model project

Zelenium InfoTech is well known for its auxiliary reading and writing software for people with disabilities such as dyslexia. For many years, including TextPilot, their products have become the industry standard and thousands of people have been able to live and work despite the challenges of everyday work. Read more..

custom software development

Comparison of the dedicated team
model and other engagement models

If the client decides to change or if the change becomes inevitable, the service provider must adjust to the planned extent and the client will have to pay an additional cost, resulting in an automatic conflict. This would require additional resources not included in the budget or additional time. Many things are wasted in the process of doing all these reconditioning, and the stress increases more than the business value..Read more..

custom software development

Time and Material Model

In a dedicated team model, we usually plan what kind of things will happen in the project. However, with the time and material model, process flexibility is greater. While this is indeed a long-term project, there are very dynamic requirements, ambiguous scope, and workload that is expected to change from time to time. Indeed, software development teams dedicated to this type of project are rarely used, and the developed software is not usually refined to require a lot of dedicated resources. However, time frames are usually preliminarily established.

custom software development

Breaking down the costs and benefits

When estimating software development cost, several factors, such as software function and purpose, need to be considered.Depending on the role that the program plays in your business, development may require different amounts of effort and investment. Although a simple corporate web site can cost only a few thousand dollars and take only one month to complete, developing a full e-commerce platform for a retailer can take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to create.

custom software development

Positive impact on your brand image changes

The benefits of creating an e-commerce website for a retail company are very clear. It's a new sales channel that generates almost new revenue. But e-commerce platforms also prove to be worth the business in the long run by increasing market competitiveness and outreach. Likewise, if a retailer implements inventory management software, it will not have a direct impact on sales. The value of this solution lies in optimized business operations and efficient use of resources.

custom software development

Business growth and management

The ability to track and analyze customer behavior helps you engage your audience with recommendation engines, custom alerts, gaming elements, and similar sharing tools. As you can see, not all the revenue that can be gained from implementing a software solution can be measured in US dollars. Quantitative benefits are based on cost savings or income growth, but they can be instantly visible, but the qualitative benefits are less transparent, but they are important in the long term.

Optimized for software development success

Because your return on investment in software development efforts is so obvious, it is attractive to jump into the competition and reap the benefits. Despite the potential benefits, however, software development is a very dangerous enterprise. Globally, 55% of IT projects end in partial or complete failure. To get the most out of your software development projects, consider the following eight best practices when working with a technology consulting partner: Read more..

custom software development

Goal Setting

Because Zelenium InfoTech said it's a good idea, it is not the best strategy for creating software products or doing so for everyone else in the industry. Think about the long-term business goals and issues that you can solve with software before you work. If you want to choose the type of software that can bring the most benefit to your business, be sure to target the specific problem or problem you want to solve. But it should not be too general. "Increasing profits" is a big goal, but it is too vague. And how do you know how much growth is enough? A much better idea is to set a specific milestone, such as "I want to attract X customers in X months and average purchases by 10%.". Read more..

custom software development

Go full-cycle

When building a software product, expect more than engineering skills. The success of the software is not just code lines. Simple and user-friendly experience is just as important for adopting your product through your target audience. For a better result, make a full-cycle development team share your responsibility and guide you through all the stages of the process: from business analysis and UX / UI design to engineering and quality commitment. Further support and continued product development are also valuable. Read more..

custom software development

Beware of expenses*

Software development can be costly. Choosing the cheapest offer may be tempting, but remember to pay for something cheap. Related experiences, domain-specific technologies, and the latest technology stacks show that they are worth more than you can save thousands of dollars. A dedicated software development team approach is a great help to the benefits listed above. Featured software and quality assurance engineers are part of a core business that focuses exclusively on your products to ensure better quality and faster time to market. Read more..

custom software development

Define the scope and deliverables

While it is almost impossible to know the project scope upfront, creating a simple structural breakdown of the job can help you identify the major needs and tasks. This way helps you to understand between you and the group. Make sure you understand what you get at the end of each stage of the project, starting with consulting and development through product launching.Read more..

custom software development


Communication proves to be significant for the success of the project when working with a given engineering team. This includes recognizing the clear goals and requirements, agreeing on the important priorities and prospering throughout the process. It is fair to come to your team or to visit them in your business area to start your project. This practice is especially important in analyzing and determining developmental phases. Then all issues will be resolved as far as possible in the development process. Read more..

custom software development

Start Small

Protecting the head of a large software project with a new contractor can be dangerous. If there is something wrong or you decide to change the engineering team for any other reason, the reengineering of half-built software can increase the cost of the project and make significant improvements. So starting the new software development partnership with a pilot project is a good idea. It allows you to eliminate risks and test water at reasonable costs. Read more..

custom software development

Sourcing Top Tech Talent Globally

We are a global software development company that spans North America, Eastern Europe and Asia. We assign world-class talent everywhere for our customers who provide the full range of engineering services, including developing Data Science solutions..

Driven by Innovation

We are working to provide technically challenging projects using the latest technology and development methods. Our latest competency has data science and block chains. At the same time, we maintain a permanent standard of software reliability, scalability, and efficiency..

Just the Right Size

We are designed to act as a smart, quick and responsive organization capable of listening, coordinating and building personal relationships with clients. At the same time, we have the expertise to complete mission-critical projects and our own sophisticated processes..

custom software development

Iterate and improve

Even a large project that takes over a year does not necessarily try to do all the things at one time. A better option is to break down the overall project into smaller and more extensive tasks, according to the best agile software development practices. It will prevent you and allow you to adjust to the changing market conditions. Additionally, technological advances your product will never be - always has a room for improvement.Read more..

custom software development

Choose the right technology stack

The technology stack depends largely on the type of software you want to build and its purpose. While the choice between mobile and cross-platform mobile development is one of the most discussed topics, web development also offers a wide range of options. Therefore, you must weigh all the risks involved and not the best, rather than the trustworthiness of your contractor. Or at least consult with technology as a special service to make a good decision. Read more..

custom software development

track of our client-centered approaches

By keeping track of our client-centered approaches as a technology consulting partner, we've been able to build over 150 successful software engineering partnerships across businesses around the world. In conjunction with thoughtful business ventures and planning technology and industry enthusiasm, we have helped build many successful products. In the past, eight out of every 10 of our clients make useful businesses, and some of those startups who have not yet earned a profit. Talk to us to find out how you can expand your current business, change it to digital one or add a new product to your portfolio..Read more..

How we do it for you?

  • We build your Development Team : We find the best talent to enliven your project. The engineers in the team are all capable, competent and highly qualified software developers. If necessary, teams are led by experienced senior engineering managers.
  • We arrange Knowledge Transfer : To understand the basics of the project, the key members of the engineering team are brought to your site and develop the relationship between the development team and the staff, explore the product details and create a clear and achievable plan.
  • You Manage Your Team’s Activities : You manage your development team at Waverley as if it were your internal team. We are in charge of human resources management, guarantee that the team has everything for important work, and create an exciting environment for professional growth.