Software Development

Our Software engineers at Zelenium InfoTech build high-quality digital solutions across multiple industries. Our custom software development services encompass the full spectrum of software technologies across an expansive array of industries and domains.

Artificial intelligence

Our developers building our own intelligent applications, the AI platforms, machine learning algorithms, and deep learning libraries and frameworks used to automate the operations across all departments: sales, finance, marketing, human resources, customer service, production, etc.

Mobile Application Development

Our Mobile development teams at Zelenium InfoTech build mobile apps that handle large volumes of server requests. Our dedicated development team creates cross-platform industrial automation for digital transformation which establish a new dimension of innovation.

Cloud Solutions

Our software solutions and Cloud and related services sector has reached the milestone of real growth And expanded to 14 Countries worldwide. Our dedicated development team creates cross-platform industrial automation for digital transformation which establish a new dimension of innovation.

The Era of Artificial Intelligence

High-performance Software Development

Full-cycle software product development

Our development centers help customers to bring innovative ideas to life. We have massive experience in all stages of software product development from architecture design to, testing, support.

Unmatched support system

We have thousands of customers worldwide who uses our hotline support over phone, web portal as well as via email and will assist you with your questions regarding our different software products.

Cloud and Mobile enterprise resource

Digital technologies are emerging business across the globe. Our Cloud enterprise solutions are redefining the digital backbone of the organizations.

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Professional Pixel Perfect Designs

We designed our software using latest design solutions for Pixel Perfect Design. This helped us to give the users a user-interactions controls and eye catching beautiful software.

Focuses on user friendliness

We design our software w.r.t interfaces need easy to access, understand, and easy user experiences.

Software enterprise globally

Within 18 years of experiences from our global customers, we connects many software solutions and apps that designs to automate businesses.

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Years of experience

Today Zelenium is one of the most successful company across the globe for our customer - focused philosophy which align the different business processes in a single framework platform for growth and success.

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Worldwide Users

Our Cloud solutions has reached the milestone of more than 40 thousand subscribers worldwide and our Corportate ERP and Retail software customers reached to 6850 worldwide. Our cloud systems management software market continues to expand rapidly as increasing.

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Our software solutions and Cloud and related services sector has reached the milestone of real growth and expanded to 14 Countries worldwide. We are well connected to an ecosystem of world-class partners.

Quality-driven delivery mode

Zelenium InfoTech creates diverse solutions for tech and non-tech companies. We help you ensure that all artifacts, whether it be software requirements or the code itself, have a high degree of testability. The end result is higher quality and automat ability, controllability, and isolate ability, and how to maximize the degree of testability for each form of these factors.

Industry leading technology

Our software is over 18 years of enterprise resource planning experience across different industries and business to Keep track of every product you buy and sell.

Discovery and business analysis

Outsourcing software product development to Zelenium InfoTech which helps clients get access to the latest technologies and development practices. Based on your objectives, we can take over the entire development process or to improve your existing solution according to the changing market conditions. We then improve functionality and add features with every iteration..

Fast and Innovative

Our Innovative software help businesses to manage and connect information from all areas of the organization allowing decision makers be more responsive, retain customers and control costs.

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Largest talent pools in Asia

Our Cochin and Bangalore development centers in India and also in Dubai United Arab Emirates delivery centers allow your business to tap into largest IT talent pools that amount to over 200+ professionals. We are continued building offshore development teams and centers has been our key service since our conception in 2000. We are acquired Many latest technology created by Zelenium and continued to develop this technology in our development centers.
Presently, Zelenium has grown into a Large-sized IT outsourcing provider with over 200+ software development professionals. Through consistent work, Zelenium has acquired a reputation of a reliable offshore partner for innovative businesses that look to upscale their in-house development capacity or require access to particular technology or domain expertise.

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Our Clients

Trusted by over 6,850+ clients all over UAE , Middle East, India,Africa ,US ,Canada and Europe