cloud software development

What is Cloud Software Development?

Cloud is a powerful combination of cloud computing, networking, storage, management solutions and business applications administering IT and consumer services. Cloud software are the solution that comes to mind of organizations to fulfil their interest driven by the desire to significantly improve their businesses and have the ability to understand IT for an affordable cost.

Cloud computing is a method of delivering IT services where the source comes from the Internet through web-based tools and applications that are in contrast to direct connection to the server. Being an internet based development, this method abstracted the specification of IT infrastructure, management and control from the user. It is a result of evolution and adoption of existing technologies and prototypes. Its purpose is to allow the user to benefit from all the technology even without deep knowledge and expertise about it.

cloud software development
cloud software development

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Services of cloud computing are presented in a few models such as Software as a Service (SaaS) which delivers software application over the internet, it also often called web services, Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a computing platform and a solution stack are provided as a service enabling them to develop, run and manage business application without the need to build maintain the infrastructure; and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in which a third-party provider hosts servers, storage and other virtualized compute resources and makes them available to customers over the internet.

Cloud software development is one of the hottest topics today. As an umbrella term for all internet-based development services, businesses prefer to use cloud computing because it allows speed development and process of a task using an elastic web-based infrastructure with "pay-as-you-go" feature while using its full capacity and functionality..

Adaptation of new technology

The cloud application is increasingly becoming popular in the choices of digital businesses today because it provides a better service. Cloud solutions are used in the deployment of network-based applications in highly-flexible components of IT environment. It offers a major advantage over traditional application models. Better and cost efficient compared to other applications since it needs minimal maintenance only. And it has the capability to deliver consistent service through different channels and custom development from planning to deployment. It is very important in developing software to have quick access to different resources. This is often the case when setting up new systems, for example projects that require not only manual but financial inputs. Being fast and flexible are what matters as a developers today naturally, the cost of the service. Cloud is definitely one step ahead when it comes to this aspect..

Major Features of Cloud Computing

cloud software development

Conventional software delivery:

Cloud computing has some form of conventional software delivery. You may access any information in any browser. Anywhere, anytime and any mobile device as long as there is an internet connection..

Growth of your business:

It conforms to the growth of your business and is capable of adjusting large amounts of unstructured data to find meaningful business intelligence. It is a tool for information about future organizational goals. It has also an architectural design to provide a good level of availability compared to conventional and premise solution

Upgrades and maintenance:

Upgrades and maintenance are being managed by the vendor and being done in the cloud, so user doesn’t need to spend more hours to administer new upgraded version or failed server. According to the studies of an analyst, cloud-based software is 50% cheaper than premise software out of major employee company over a period of four years..

cloud software development

Price is base only on your subscription:

When it comes to price and way to purchase or subscription to cloud computing software, no major capital or investment upfront needed. Compared to conventional systems, you need to allocate additional investment for licenses, hardware and software. The price is base only on your subscription that are more often on an annual basis. Through this, the company can save not only with the major investment but it can also save energy and electricity consumption because there is no need to maintain server while using it. It is beneficial for all the business because for good money flow and great IT flexibility..

Everything is in your control:

Above all, everything is in your control. Because while using cloud-computing, it enables all the companies to focus only on how to increase their business profit rather than worrying about the system they are using. Various IT resources are not required to keep the business system grow. Instead, these resources can be used in a more strategic and realistic way to help your business become successful and just leave all the worries to the vendor on how to make your system scalable, secure, uptime, maintain and always upgraded..

High level of security:

There is a high level of security that over exceeds the expectation of the user. It is also easy to deploy and can be used for a long time. Easy to launch, update and learn. In other words, it fits the user’s needs and it assigns server processes anytime and anywhere. It also fixes business vulnerabilities automatically.

The security in using cloud computing software is proven to be more than enough than necessary. Regardless of the size of the companies, there’s no need to worry about the security in the use of cloud-based software. All data will definitely remain confidential and private. There’s an assurance that moving or shifting to cloud is fast since it is loaded and integrated, easy because it is always ready to use and can go live quicker and most of all, safe and secure even if your devices are lost, stolen, damaged and destroyed, your information is safe..

Training and education

The largest investment that a company cares and focuses on is the training and education of their employees. But if a company uses cloud computing software, training does not need to be a problem anymore because it is very easy to use. The only thing the company should be worried is whether the employee knows how to get and open a web browser on their device..

Shared with groups of servers

The application in the cloud-based environment is more readily prepared, good and efficient in times of failure and disaster. And since the resources are shared with groups of servers, it massively reduces the downtime no matter what happens. It lessen the susceptibility from natural catastrophe..