Cloud Business Software Solutions

Our MAXO-BOOK Cloud services are the hot favorite in the web hosting space right now. This category of hosting has been around for some time, but recently has begun to gain momentum, even among small businesses. Cloud hosting, which distributes sites across multiple servers, is the most unique of all hosting types, as it can do many things that cannot be done with standard hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated or WordPress hosting options..

We provide - Desktop, Web based live and Cloud based (monthly / yearly subscription).

Cloud computing approach

You can compare it to running a computer application through internet without having to purchase, install or own a server. IT operations can smoothly work with just a browser and internet connection. Applications, operating systems, servers, and network switches are invisible and managed by metaphysical cloud, Internet, and cloud computing vendors.

Our Cloud ERP system is one of the best cloud web hosting services not only for small to large companies. Our cloud platform will load web sites across multiple virtual server instances for more reliable and scalable hosting, but it will be as easy to use as standard shared hosting. The benefits of a cloud plan include up to 2x faster load times with more site statistics, and the site is mirrored across multiple devices, allowing you to switch sites to other servers in the event of hardware failure. However, a key benefit of all cloud hosting schemes is scalability.

cloud software

Software as a Service Model (SaaS) : SaaS is commonly one of the web hosting services in cloud computing services that allowing the user to access the provider’s cloud-based server. By using internet, vendors can provide applications and users can easily sign up and access them through web or provider’s application programming interface. It is widely accepted now by companies to gain full benefits in using the application without maintaining and updating its frameworks and integral prerequisites. Mail, ERP, collaboration, and office applications are the most widely accepted SaaS solutions. The flexibility and resiliency of the SaaS model is a huge benefit.

There are few characteristics and features of cloud computing service and that includes providing software and applications to users through a subscription model, since it is being managed by the provider, user no need to manage it by themselves, data is secure in the cloud and no data will be lost since there’s no equipment needed, resource usage can be scaled according to service needs and applications can be accessed from almost any internet-connected device. These key features are the most advantages of using Our ERP cloud based web hosting services that makes as best cloud web hosting provider..

Benefits of being in the cloud

Powerful Web hosting: Cloud hosting is the newest form of hosting that has become popular in the years. Cloud hosting includes the use of clusters or groups of servers that works as one and integrates resources in creating a powerful website.

Free user support and upgrades: One of the many benefits of using cloud computing is that the user do not have to worry about continues to buying, upgrade, install, integrate, support, and become proficient with the latest technology, which grows faster every day. In fact, you can build a virtual office to give you flexibility in connecting your business at anytime, anywhere. Accessing data is made easier as more web-based tools are used in today's business enterprises (such as smartphones and tablets).

cloud software

Data is always safe: It is efficient and accessible and it is guaranteed that data is always safe. Because data is stored in a secure data center instead of in the server room, losing power does not affect the cloud. Many service providers maintain 99.99% uptime. Data can always be accessed over an Internet connection..

Reducing the cost: With cloud computing, you can increase yield without increasing staff. You can produce more by reducing the cost per product or service. There is also no need to invest in expensive hardware or software programs because there is less need for additional storage. Using cloud technology, companies and institutions now benefit from collaborative programs that do not need to build and support their infrastructure..